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E-Vehical/E- Rickshaw is in limelight

Environmental impact of man-made disasters has been raising its ugly head all over the world in recent years. One can achieve reduction in use of fossil fuel by changing over to electric vehicles. E-Vehicles / E-Rickshaws could in future, replace a good percentage of diesel/ petrol driven vehicles as it has been done in China and elsewhere in the developed countries. Low cost battery – operated E-Vehicles / E-Rickshaws have been find ing great popularity in India in recent years.

The govt. of India has given permission to run E-Vehicle/E- Rickshaws in 12 states. The move of the Govt. has opened up new vistas for the battery men who have shown great interest in it as their production and sale of batteries would get a great boost once E-Vehicle/E- Rickshaws are produced in large numbers all over India.

MUDRA in aid of 5.7 crore small units to have access to cheap credit.

In view of the fact that only 1.25 crore people find employment in large industries , whereas small enterprises employ 12 crore people in the country, and in consideration of the fact that a number of facilities are provided to the large industries, there is need to focus on 5.75 crore self employed people who in turn employ 12 crore people of the country. Meant to “fund the unfunded” the PMMY (Pradhan Mantry Mudra Yojana) aims to provide financial assistance at cheap rates to the “unfunded” small entrepreneurs who provide employment to a very large number of people. With this end in view MUDRA Bank has been created. The new institution has initially been set up as NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company) and as a subsidiary of SIDBI.

Global warming caused primarily by Pollution.

We would now turn to the horrific problem that looms large in the horizon- Global Warming. Global Warming is a matter of great concern of which the recent deluge (in December, 2015 ) in Chennai is a great pointer. Temperatures are rising faster than the previous decades due to increase in the amount of green house gas emissions. We have to take stringent measures to restrict releases of CO2 into the atmosphere by supporting sustainable farming and forestry. Using one third space of your factory / office building in gardening as per norms of the SPCBs would be a positive step in reducing green house gas emissions.

Pollution is no doubt a menace that has direct bearing on global warming , so much so, that the developed countries have more or less banned industries that pollute the atmosphere . Developing countries like China have also followed suit. Armed with stringent environmental guidelines framed by the Govt. of India, CPCBs / SPCBs should ensure that no polluting industry could get consent to run their plants unless effective pollution control devices are in place. To usher in a pollution-free tomorrow for the future generation we should scrupulously follow the rules set by the Govt. of India to check pollution.