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40th & 41st Annual General Meeting 2016 held on 03-02-2016

(Extract from Welcome Address by The President)

I deem it a great honour and privilege to welcome so many eminent dignitaries in this prestigious inaugural session of the 40th & 41st Annual General Meeting of whom our Chief Guest, Shri K. L. Rao , Director, MSME –DI stands out as the outstanding personality. I welcome him from my heart of hearts to the AGM. I also welcome from the core of my hearts other dignitaries, Senior Govt. officials , academicians, they having added glamour to the assembly by their august presence as Special Guests of Honour or Guests of Honour. I also cordially welcome Presidents / secretaries of Federations, Chambers of Commerce and other Associations located in different parts of the country. I also heartily welcome to the AGM our patrons, well-wishers, advertisers, representatives from the electronic media, newspapers and AIR.

Now it is the turn of our dear members, our brethren, friends and colleagues. I welcome them all to the AGM.

The AGM held in the backdrop of a perceptible uncertainity and volatality of the Indian economy triggered by slowing down of the world economy by and large and resultant continuous fall in the export trade of india during the last thirteen months ending in December, 2015.